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With hundreds of programs each quarter, 10 shelters and numerous areas around our facilities available for rentals, there is a lot to register for with the Westerville Parks and Recreation Department.


Before Westerville residents register for programs, proof of residency must be verified to receive the discounted resident rate. Parks and Recreation has rolled out a more convenient way to confirm your residency (if you have Westerville utilities) moving forward. 

How to Update your Residency Status

1. Contact Utility Billing at (614) 901-6430 or to ensure your phone number is current.

2. Contact Parks and Recreation at (614) 901-6500 or to confirm the phone number associated with your Utility Billing account and Parks and Recreation account are the same. If you already have an online Parks and Recreation account, sign in at and click on “Change Household Data” to manually update your phone number.

Once the phone number tied to the two departments are identical, you will no longer need to provide proof of residency each January and will receive resident rates when registering for programs with Parks and Recreation. Make sure to keep both departments updated with address and contact information changes to ensure this will continue in the future.

This process only applies to those living in Westerville. Those who work within City limits must still show proof of employment each calendar year, while non-residents have no change.

Individuals employed full-time in the Westerville City Limits will need to provide proof of employment on company letterhead with the signature of the personnel director or president or a current paycheck with their employer’s name and address long with a valid driver’s license. This can be shown at the Westerville Community Center or Senior Center during normal business hours. Proof can also be sent via mail to 350 N. Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43082 or email at