Introducing the NEW Westerville Community Center Pass

Westerville Parks and Recreation is introducing a new Community Center Pass on March 1. This pass will replace all other pass options, offering more access and amenities than ever before. Choose from a monthly or daily pass, and individual and household options, and get the gymnasium, track, fitness area, indoor pool and climbing wall to enhance your recreation experience.  

The simplified pass will give you access to the entire facility without contracts or initiation fees. Prices for the pass are dependent on your age and family size and whether you are a resident or non-resident. This monthly pass does not include specific classes or programs. 

Come March, nothing will immediately change for existing pass holders. Once your pass expires this year and is up for renewal, that is when you can transition to the new replacement pass. 



Why are the individual area passes (gymnasium, pool, track and fitness) no longer available?
We are adjusting to the industry standard for a better, more efficient approach to our operation. This gives pass holders the ability to utilize the entire center. 

Can I continue to renew my current pass instead of signing up for the new pass?
Only those who have a current expiration date of March 31 or earlier may renew their current pass, but must do so before March 1. 

What amenities do I get with the new pass?
All pass holders have access to the entire facility which includes the indoor pools, gymnasiums and climbing wall during scheduled “open hours”. Those pass holders 14 years of age and older will also have access to the fitness area and track. 

How does my family qualify for a Household Pass?
If your family has three or more individuals residing at the same address, you can purchase a Household Pass. This will give everyone in your home access to enjoy the facility. Proof of residing is required for each member of the household being added to the pass. Registration with your local school district can be used for youth without a state issued ID.

Can I pay for my pass annually? 
Even though the pass is priced monthly, you still have an option to purchase and pay in advance for a 12-month pass. This gives you the same freedom to cancel at anytime (you will receive a refund for months unused). However, you will need to initiate a renewal when the 12 months are up. 

Is there a minimum time frame I must have my pass before I can cancel?
This is a no commitment pass. We understand if you can no longer utilize your pass for whatever reason. Feel free to stop at any time; then come back and join us again when the time is right. 

Can I use a credit card for my monthly payments?
At this time we can only accept savings or checking accounts, however; we hope to offer a credit card option in the near future. If this option becomes available, we will notify all pass holders and allow them to make the switch if they desire. 

Have the rates increased?
The last rate adjustment to Westerville Community Center passes was in 2007. Over the past 12 years, the cost of business has continued to rise while we kept rates low. It is now necessary adjust rates to keep up with inflation and to ensure we can maintain the facility to the high standards you have come to expect.

Will I still receive the senior discount?
A current pass holder ages 55-64 will continue to receive the senior discount as long as their Community Center pass stays active or they continue to hold a Senior Center membership.

Please note children two years and under are admitted free.