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480 S. Hempstead Park

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A new park at 480 S. Hempstead Rd. is taking shape. 

A park in the southeastern quadrant of Westerville is not a new idea. The Westerville Parks & Recreation master plan (Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces-or PROS) that helps guide planning and investment long called for a park to serve the community and neighborhoods on the southeast side of town. When the property at 480 S. Hempstead Rd. near McVay Elementary became available, the City acquired it to begin plotting a course to fulfill that vision. 

Starting with a series of public meetings last year, conceptual plans were developed based on resident feedback for the site. A design was developed to pay homage to the McVay family, the original landowners, who were deeply philanthropic and loved nature. Akin to other parks and green spaces in Westerville, the theme centers around nature while implementing play features and recreational opportunities.

The plan includes the preservation of mature trees on the property. Fun, whimsical and educational elements will maintain and embellish the site’s natural character the McVay family sought to preserve. Also included is a realigned entry drive and bridge, shelter, restroom, trail network, elevated play elements, nature play area, creek interaction zone and meadow as well as a parking lot for visitors. 

The park design is now finalized and construction is expected to begin in 2020.

480 Hempstead Park
480 Hempstead Park
480 Hempstead Park