Arts and Culture

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Westerville Parks and Recreation is committed to the arts, introducing murals, sculptures, photography exhibits, concerts, theater, and even art-inspired playgrounds to bring people together and initiate community conversations.

CALLING ARTISTS: Volunteer for The Great Westerville Pumpkin Glow

Westerville Parks and Recreation is in need of volunteers for The Great Westerville Pumpkin Glow. 

Pumpkin glow fb event

This new event will require the help of many artists and community volunteers to bring intricate pumpkin displays to life at Heritage Park.

Individuals age 16 and up and groups are encouraged to volunteer. Possible duties include: scooping out pumpkins, drawing designs and carving pumpkins. This work will primarily take place October 21-26.

To get involved, visit our volunteer portal or contact the Arts Supervisor at 614-901-6539.


Our Civic Theatre program attracts 10,000+ annually to performances and classes. In 2018, the Department Theater swept all awards - and was recognized as ‘Theater of the Year’.


Public Art in Westerville

Throughout the City, you will find a variety of public art installations from a monarch mural in Uptown to sculptures at the Westerville Sports Complex. With so much art to see, consider taking a self-guided sculpture tour to soak it all in: Public Art in Westerville Spaces Map [pdf] 

"A Celebration of Life" - The Cobert C. Collins Collection 
Cobert C. Collins sculptures span four continents, a dozen countries, more than 3,000 private and public facilities and are on display in Westerville. A large portion of Collins' work was given to the Westerville Parks Foundation in partnership with the Cobert C. Collins Memorial Sculpture Fund, LLC. For additional information this collection, visit