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Westerville Parks and Recreation is always innovating to better serve the growing needs of our residents. Whether it's updating a playground with state-of-the-art equipment or developing a brand new park or facility, a project is constantly in the works. 


Westerville Community Center Expansion
A $23 million expansion of the Westerville Community Center is underway. The project adds 45,000 square feet of space with trend setting amenities from an adventure fitness area to a warm water therapy pool. More than 11,000 residents participated in a series of public meetings, surveys and focus groups for the project. Over eight months, residents made choices which ultimately designed their facility expansion. Read more on the Westerville Community Center Expansion.
First Responders Park Renovation

On February 10, 2018, Westerville experienced the tragic line-of-duty deaths of two police officers. In the days that followed, a call to create a permanent memorial became the heartbeat of the community’s grief as plans were accelerated to expand the existing First Responders Park.

The Department engaged more than 200 first responders to create concepts and received feedback from over 3,000 citizens while $750,000 in fundraising was secured for the project. The site is now under construction to offer a solemn space of gratitude and remembrance, incorporating green space, a serene fountain, water features and interplay of natural elements for personal reflection. Learn more about the First Responders Park Renovation.

Development of Hempstead Park

The plans for a new park at 480 S. Hempstead Rd. are taking shape. Starting with a series of public meetings in 2018, conceptual plans were developed based on resident feedback for the site.

The theme of this park centers around nature while implementing play features and recreational opportunities. The entry drive and bridge will be realigned along with the addition of a shelter, restroom, trail network, elevated play elements, nature play area, creek interaction zone and meadow as well as a parking lot for visitors. 

The design is now in the development phase. Discover more about Hempstead Park



Hanby Park Revitalization

The Department reimagined Hanby Park integrating creative play, tourism and economic development into the historic district. The park, located at the mid-point of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail, has created a hub for social connectivity attracting thousands of people annually. It now includes a 24’ slide tower designed in an abstract formation that better resembles public art rather than a play structure, the community’s first spray ground, porch style swings and open space play. 

An innovative approach was taken with this redevelopment project. Four public meetings were held for Hanby Park, as well as partnerships developed with POD Design, Westerville Sunrise Rotary, and Kids Around the World. These partners were brought together to reuse playground equipment at an orphanage in Mexico. Volunteers from Westerville installed the playground and will visit regularly to conduct ongoing safety reviews. These efforts will enrich the lives of children at the orphanage for years to come.

Find more details on Hanby Park.

Hoff Woods Park Expansion

Hoff Woods Park has always been a destination in Westerville for a variety of sports from volleyball to basketball and softball. To meet the growing need for more athletic courts and fields in the community, the park was significantly expanded. It now includes an additional park entrance, baseball/softball diamonds, dedicated pickleball courts, other athletic fields and green space. 

Thomas James Knox Rink
The Thomas James Knox Rink opened in June 2018 at Alum Creek Park South. This new facility has met a central Ohio need for an accessible place to play and learn the sport of hockey. In its inaugual season, the rink has attracted more than 500 program participants. Learn more about the Thomas James Knox Rink.
City Hall Courtyard and Sculpture
The City Hall Courtyard was expanded to refresh the lawn while serving as a communal space for those visiting Uptown Westerville. A Prohibition Sculpture titled “The American Issue” was commissioned and installed in the plaza to draw community conversation and remember Westerville’s role in the changes to the U.S. Constitution. Read more about the City Hall Courtyard and The American Issue Sculpture.
Rotary Park

Rotary Park was improved and re-energized in the Historic Uptown district. It now includes new seating, landscaping and a public art installation of a Monarch Butterfly to support the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge. Learn more about Rotary Park.

Towers Park
The Department used an innovative approach at Towers Parks to blend art with creative play to increase awareness of the important role pollinators like Monarch Butterflys serve. A one-of-a-kind shelter was commissioned to bring the pollination process alive through resin panels projecting moving light and colors onto the playground, both fascinating and educating children. Other park enhancements include tiny house play structures, unique recreational equipment and a pollinator garden. Get more details on Towers Park