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Champions of Westerville

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The Westerville Champion program provides recognition of outstanding citizens whose service and activities significantly enhanced the quality of life in Westerville.


Categories include:

  • Outstanding Individual(s) Acknowledges the sustained and lasting contribution that has been made by individual(s) to the City of Westerville, State of Ohio and/or Nation.
  • Historical Event, Person, or Place Preserves and honors the history of Westerville, it's founders, or other historical figures.
  • Benefit/Organization Acknowledgement Major gift, acknowledges the significant benefit of a donation.

Citizens must meet the following qualifications to apply for this recognition:

  • Visionary and Community Role Model
  • Exemplary Leadership in Westerville Community
  • Forever Changed or Improved Community
  • Lasting Impression evident in Future Generations
  • Significantly Impacted Local History and Quality of Life
  • Resident of Westerville at time of Accomplishment

Interested in nominating? Fill in this form and return it to the Champions of Westerville, Westerville Parks & Recreation Department, Administration Office, 350 N. Cleveland Ave. Westerville, Ohio 43082