Westerville Sports Complex Playground

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Westerville Parks and Recreation routinely updates the playground equipment around the City as it ages, typically every 15 years for each park. Playground replacement ensures that equipment is both safety compliant and fun for the current generation of children. 

The Westerville Sports Complex is a heavily-used playground, in part because of its location adjacent to the soccer fields. Many parents use it to entertain younger siblings on the sidelines. The park's playground is slated for a refresh in summer 2020.

The department aims to provide a diverse and inclusive range of play opportunities for youth throughout the city. A key part in selecting the right playground replacement is community input.

Residents had the opportunity to give feedback on the four playground options below in November. Based on the collective response, Option D will be recommended for Westerville City Council approval. 

Sports Complex Option A

Playground Option A features unique equipment that is new to the City. Two structures, the Yalp Memo and the Yalp Sona, use electronic play to engage youth. The Yalp Memo is an educational pedestal-based electronic play toy. It facilitates cooperation between children as they solve games and puzzles, which can be updated each year. The Yalp Sona is an electronic play arch that senses a child's location and leads him or her through a series of games. These games can also be updated each year. The playground includes two more traditional structures, playcubes and a spider-web climber, great for children ages 5-12.

Sports Complex Option B

Playground Option B is a mix between classic and modern equipment. With slides, swings and a spider-web climber, children can enjoy structures they are familiar with. However, one piece, the Yalp Sona, incorporates a new type of electronic play. The Yalp Sona is an electronic arch that senses a child's location and leads him or her through a series of games. These games can also be updated each year.

Sports Complex Option C

Playground Option C has a variety of equipment for younger and older children. The main feature includes a large-connected play structure with several slides and a rock-climbing wall, perfect for youth ages 5-12. The RockIt Tunnel is appropriate for the younger kids too, targeting those ages 2-12. The most interesting equipment addition might be the Airventure Glider, a multiple child stand up swing, for ages 5-12. 

Sports Complex Option D
Playground Option D has two separate jungle gyms for different age groups. The larger play structure is aimed at children ages 5-12, while the second smaller play structure is customized for those ages 2-5. This option also brings in a variety of swings, including one accessible swing, one conventional belt swing and two child-parent swings. The playground design is rounded out with a spider-web climber for ages 5-12.