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Westerville Sports Complex Playground

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Westerville Parks and Recreation routinely updates the playground equipment around the City as it ages, typically every 15 years for each park. Playground replacement ensures that equipment is both safety compliant and fun for the current generation of children. 

The department aims to provide a diverse and inclusive range of play opportunities for youth throughout the city. A key part in selecting the right playground replacement is community input.

The Westerville Sports Complex is a heavily-used playground, in part because of its location adjacent to the soccer fields. Many parents use it to entertain younger siblings on the sidelines.

With a playground replacement scheduled for the Sports Complex in 2020, residents had the opportunity to give feedback on four options last fall. Based on the collective response, Option D (pictured below) was recommended and approved by Westerville City Council.

The playground at the Sports Complex is now closed to makes these improvements.

Sports Complex Option D

Playground Option D has two separate jungle gyms for different age groups. The larger play structure is aimed at children ages 5-12, while the second smaller play structure is customized for those ages 2-5. This option also brings in a variety of swings, including one accessible swing, one conventional belt swing and two child-parent swings. The playground design is rounded out with a spider-web climber for ages 5-12.