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Proper Pumpkin Disposal

Post Date:11/07/2018 10:41 AM
Is it time to bid farewell to your jack-o-lanterns or uncarved pumpkins? The Westerville Public Service Department reminds residents to please toss them in the trash, not yard waste.  The same goes for any items bearing nuts or seeds, even apples.

Leaves collected by the Public Service Department are transported to a third-party for mulching. Items like squash and other fruit can disrupt the order of things within the mulch. As many green thumbs will know, the mulching process requires a correct balance of temperature and moisture (among other factors). 

Additionally, if any seeds survive the mulching process, they can sprout into unwelcome guests for the unsuspecting landscaper. 

Please contact the Public Service Department at (614) 901-6740 or by email at with any questions. 
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